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Sometimes, the Microsoft Outlook fails to open due to a PST file corruption. It might require many scans to find the errors if a PST file is severely damaged. Sometimes items may not be recovered if they are deleted. That is when we may need a more powerful tool. Follow the prompt to set-up your new email account in the new profile.

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  • However, the error will ask you to restart your computer to resolve the issue.
  • You can file your messages into Conversation categories so they are easier to find.
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  • If you want to clear all Android clipboard contents, then you can click «Delete All» option on the top of the clipboard directly.
  • Press Volume down button to find Recovery and press Volume up to select it.

Personally, I like having quick access to the Wallet app and toggles for low-power mode and dark mode. That circle means that the wallpaper has a light and dark mode version and will change automatically based on the system status of your phone. Open theSettingsapp on your iPhone and selectWallpaperfrom the list. Make sure the switch labeled «Dark Appearance Dims Wallpaper,» which you’ll see below the two thumbnail previews of your wallpaper, is turned on. Now, tapChoose a new wallpaperand select either Stills or Live. See the circle near the bottom of each wallpaper?

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You may even want to delete the app and then redownload it to clear some unnecessary data. If you want to preserve your data on the app, try restarting your phone.

Part 2: How To Selectively Transfer Sms From Android To Android

So my question is, how did they know that I had blocked the specific phrase “Amen”? Do senders of messages get a notification that you have blocked either their number or a specific phrase they used? Otherwise, I don’t have a clue how these two senders would use “Am en” and “Ame” to very deliberately and maliciously get around me blocking the word “Amen”. It will show a list of apps that have access to your notification. If you have any of these turned on, perhaps accidentally, push notifications are not working on your android phone. To turn it off, simply swipe down the quick-setting panel and disable Do Not Disturb. If the “Android notifications not working” issue still exists on your Android, the problem might also come from the app itself and not your phone.

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By this time, your messaging system might be working properly. In order to start the process of restoring the files, press OK. After which, select the specific data you want to restore. Press Start if you have already selected the different types of data you wish to back up. Connect your Android device to that of your computer by using a USB cable. Make sure the mode called Debugging is activated on the said Android smartphone or tablet. There are some text messages you might want to save.